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About TeacherLab

TeacherLab Croatia is a consulting agency for the curricula development, quality teachers training, research in the field of social educational science and consulting.

TeacherLab Croatia is based on the 15 years of teaching experience and quality scientific research.
Our mission is to provide teachers and education professionals with the most professional training, carefully created according to the latest scientific research and examples of the best and most effective teaching practices. TeacherLab Croatia is also a center for pedagogical innovations.
We carefully create trainings for teachers and educational experts according to the latest scientific research in the field of: teaching methods, didactics, pedagogy, psychology, developmental sciences.

Our vision is inclusive education adapted to each child / individual regardless of his / her socio-economic status, neurobehavioral development and level of academic skills.
Our vision is to promote student centred education that develops creativity, entrepreneurship, active awareness of the society in which one lives and active participation in that society.
We believe that a change in the attitude of the teacher and his successful and continuous professional education is the key to successful education as a whole.


Neda Mađarac

mag.phil., PgCert Educational Psychology, teacher, teachers trainer

Author and coordinator of several Erasmus+ funded project. She is a teacher with experience and holds diploma’s and certification’s in international education: SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability) diploma, certification for the creating and developing intercultural education, certification for project-based learning and using digital tools in teaching. She also has a PgCert of Educational Psychology from Warnborough College.

She conducts research in the field of psychology, didactics, creative teaching methods. She is a designer of trainings for teachers and educational professionals.

She is characterized by professionalism, hard work and she is inspired by the work and ideas of educational expert Sir Ken Robinson.

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